On the first day of the week this Psalm was sung and thought about.   What a beautiful message to start the week with.   In Psalm 24, as David presents the wonder and the holiness of God,   he also shows the neeed mankind has to have access to such a God.  God's ways are not man's ways, nor are man's ways God's ways.  Who then will abide in God's sanctuary or dwell in his holy hill?  Yet to abide or dwell in any other place than that which has the Lord's presence can never satisfy the soul which the Lord made to be with Him.   Someone therefore must ascend that hill.  Someone who is holy must make the path available to the human race. 

Such a champion would have the following qualities.   He would walk upright, work righteousness, speak the truth in his heart, do no harm to his neighbor, despise those doing evil, and honor those who loved the Lord.  Only such a person would be acceptable.  He would be the One who would keep his own promises, even when it hurt while showing a generous spirit toward those who were weak.  Such a One would never ever be moved and must be sought after. 

Who better for the soul to think about than such a champion as a new week begins?   Truly every generation then must seek this One who prepares the way for no one can come into the presence of God except through such a One who prepares the way for them.  Therefore, we and all other generations are the ones who begin our journey by seeking this Champion's face.   Note what is said about Him, He will supplant our sin and our way of life with his own righteousness and his way of life.  The very thought of it is so wonderful that Psalm 24 calls this Champion "Jacob", "the supplanter."   How the conversation of Jesus to Thomas simply shouts out!

"Where I go you know and the way you know.  But Lord we do not know where you are going and how can we know the way.  I am the way the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father but by me." John 14:6

If you understand that conversation of Jesus with Thomas, then this Psalm take on a wonderful beauty.  It is as though Jesus has just set before his disciples a running commentary for Psalm 24.  Yet more than a running commentary, it is life, hope, and fulfillment.  That is why the vocative is so beautiful in verse 6 of Psalm 24.

This is the generation of those searching after him, those seeking your face, O Jacob.  Selah

"Jacob" the supplanter becomes a type or picture of the Savior in his work of salvation.  For those who do not like the word supplanter, answer this question, "What better word would you use to describe the Substitunary Atonement of Jesus?"

So, Lord, take hold of me and that which is mine, then supplant it and replace it with that which is yours.  For I know you, and I know where you are going, I also know the way, therefore bring me to the Father as you have promised.  What more can be said?   Now you ancient doors of Heaven, listen to the cry of those who have come in the Savior's name.  "Lift up your heads O gates, even lift up O everlasting doors and the King of glory will come in.  Who is this King of glory?  Yahweh of hosts, He is the King of glory."   He is Jesus, the Christ, the promised Savior of mankind.   He is my pride, my life, my Lord and my way to heaven. 

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