& Psalm 93

Psalm 93 was sung on Friday.  Both Moses and David are suggested by many, but there is not enough evidence to make a suggestion.  As for its use and purpose, it may be helpful to note two things.  First of all, Psalm 93 was sung on Friday, the sixth day of the week.  Secondly, this Psalm sets forth the majesty of the Sovereign Lord and the necessity for man to be found clothed in this Lord.  These two things will provide the basis for our consideration and study. 

It is most fitting that Psalm 93 was sung on the sixth day, since that day was the day God put man on the earth.  Man was made in the image of God and given the authority to rule over everything that moved upon the earth.  In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve wore nothing, nor were they ashamed.  Their clothing was heavenly.  They were clothed with the perfect knowledge, love, and protection of God.  As Scripture says to us today, "In faith we put on Christ," so in the Garden of Eden "they put on God."   When Adam and Eve sinned, they lost this clothing and knew that they were naked.  Because of this they tried to make clothes to cover themselves.  Poor substitute, fig leaves and then at God's direction the skins of dead animals.  It is haunting to see and think about what they had lost.  How horrible, to be found naked before the Lord of heaven and earth who is clothed in majesty. 

"Yahweh has reigned, he has been clothed with majesty, Yahweh has been clothed, he has girded himself with strength.  Surely, the world will be established, it will not be moved.  Your throne is established from then, even from everlasting you are." 

How horrible to stand there naked before God.  What was to come is obvious.  It is pictured as an overwhelming flood.  How apt!  Isn't this the history of man?   Consider the flood which destroyed the world. 

"O Yahweh, the floods have lifted up, the floods have lifted up their voice.  The floods will lift up their pounding waves." 

Is there no hope for sinful naked man? Will the waves, the pounding waves, swallow him up? Where is the clothing to cover his nakedness?

More than the voices of many mighty waters, more than the waves of the sea, Yahweh is mighty in the heights.  Your testimonies have been very steadfast to your house, holiness has been befitting to your house, O Yahweh to the length of days. 

Here it is soul, the only clothing that will ever satisfy you.  It is provided by the Lord who is mighty in the heavens.  Your clothing is found in his testimonies which have been very steadfast.  They will not wear out like earthly garments, nor can the moth destroy them.  In those testimonies you are again clothed in the Lord.  How wonderful it is that the Lord provides such adornments for his house and how proper to sing this Psalm the day before the Sabbath, the day of rest.  So then, Lord, let me rest from the waves and from the noise of their pounding.  My rest will come in you who has seen to it that I am dressed accordingly. 

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